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We’re proud to announce that Direct Access Insurance Services has been recognized in the IBA 5 – Star Networks and Alliances report for 2023. Newsletter Announcement

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Direct Access

DAIS Membership Tiers

DAIS Membership Tiers

Direct Access Insurance Services is uniquely designed to give each agency the opportunity to best succeed within their insurance cluster. Whether your agency joins at the Premier or Select Tier, you have an opportunity to harness the power of more than 50 top markets for more competitive pricing to provide clients the most compelling proposals tailored precisely to their unique needs. 

Not sure if a cluster is the right option for your agency? Then take a look at DAIS. We have designed a membership that is simply something more and a completely new category of cluster group. Read more about the benefits, then contact us to discuss the options personally. 

Member agencies will choose their tier based upon, 

  • Diversity of their existing book - what gaps in insurance market access are they looking to fill? 

  • Existing direct appointments 

  • Expectation for profit-sharing earnings 

  • Size and growth plan of their agency 

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Join an agency membership group that sets itself apart from the traditional cluster.

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