“The cluster platform at DAIS allows us to run our agency business separately and independently, while providing us with the opportunity to join forces with like-minded peers to achieve economies of scale. And, with the combined purchasing power comes potential for greater profit-sharing bonuses for all members. Scale also begets access. Our market access expands and the list of carriers we can tap into increases. Our efforts are further bolstered by our association with Networked’s roster of carriers.

One other intangible and invaluable benefit of the cluster experience is information exchange and interactions amongst the members on issues that are paramount to us all: business development, staff training & compensation, M&A, transition planning and exit strategies.”

– Herman Auyang
Vice President, Verity Insurance
DAIS Member since 2008

DAIS Membership Benefits

Going beyond market access, DAIS redefines the ‘cluster’ group to offer members additional agency support solutions. Your clients can take advantage of competitive solutions from more leading P/C carriers. From those carriers that provide subcodes, members earn full commission and may be eligible for generous profit-sharing payments based on combined production volumes. Your agency has the opportunity to truly maximize its revenue from profit-sharing. Then, for business placed through Networked Insurance Agents, members earn competitive commissions splits.

Highlights of a DAIS Membership:

  • Agencies remain completely independent
  • Gain access to 50+ markets offering home, auto, workers' compensation and any other P/C products that independent agencies require, with up to 22 subcodes available
  • Choose from two membership tiers - Select or Premier - to receive the best fit for a long-term partnership
  • Operate without minimum carrier volumes or profit-sharing thresholds to meet in order to be eligible
  • Retain 100% of commission dollars beginning with your first dollar earned
  • Simple, straight-forward calculations with the opportunity to earn up to 80% of profit-sharing and override earnings
  • PLUS, all DAIS members may use support resources from over 100 insurance professionals for market expertise and personal customer service via Networked

Join an agency membership group that sets
itself apart from the traditional cluster.

"I work with our industry’s top agents and interact with the company’s top executives. We meet to share ideas and address issues with the ultimate goal of making a better cluster for agents to join and succeed in this very difficult business we call insurance.”

– David Bradshaw,
President, BMS Direct
DAIS member since 2012

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